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Pale of hue and richly spotted, this lovely, lightweight kokopu disc pendant sports pale lemony background tones augmented by contrasting patches of light green, with a rich smattering of kokopu spotting in russet, brown and black hues. Glossy to the eye and silky to the touch, it's a pleasure both to behold and to wear.


Measuring in at 47mm round and only 8mm thick, this is a piece for someone who likes the disc form but feels the need for a lighter piece of jewellery. Its lack of translucency is more than made up for by its spectacular patterning, which makes it a great standout piece against any outfit. Anbd its lightness also makes it a piece just as suited to everyday wear, even for the most delicate wearer.

Arahura Kokopu Jade Pierced Disc Pendant

SKU: WSJ0213
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