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A small nugget of a pendant carved to suit the form of the natural pebble from which it was made, this pendant is carved from the rare chatoyant jade known as pipiwharauroa or 'shining cuckoo' jade. Such jade seems to ripple with silver light and move within when rolled back and forth between the fingers, mirroring the chatoyancy of the breats feathers of the shining cuckoo itself. The base tone is the soft grey-green of an inanga or whitebait jade.


Measuring in at 58mm long and 27mm wide at its widest point, this pendant is both quite translucent and strikingly different on each side, allowing the wearer to almost treat it as two separate pendants depending on their taste from day to day. Its high gloss and shimmering nature make it an eye-catching piece suited to formal and fancy wear.

Arahura Pipiwharauroa Freeform Drop Pendant

SKU: WSJ0414
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