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An unusual and endlessly fascinating material, botryoidal jades are characterized by being made up of a conglomeration of circular structures in all kinds of odd shapes. These are rarely carved, as most of them make fascinating mineral specimens in their own right. But when they are carved, they show this structure in their finished product, appearing to be composed of a whole lot of little spherical structures inside the body of the stone. This particular piece came out of a botryoidal jade sample found by our carver on the Hokitika River.


Measuring in at 73mm long and 50mm wide, this piece has been dished out to create a pleasingly-curved form. This shape not only makes the pendant quite comfortably light, but also shows off the little spherules that made up a botryoidal stone. The body-colour of the stone is a yellow-grey-green, which makes this a great piece to colour-match with brown and mustard hues.

Botryoidal Jade Pebble-Form Drop Pendant

SKU: WSJ0296
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