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A rare form of nephrite jade which forms as a collection of interconnected spheres strongly resembling a bunch of grapes, few specimens of botryoidal jade are ever cut - they're generally too highly valued as specimens. But when such material is cut, it reveals a complex pattern of interconnected spheres of jade that can form intricate and complex patterns that are both intriguing and wildly attractive. This piece comes from a very small-sphered example of botryoidal jade found by our carver on the Hokitika River.


Measuring in at 66mm long and 33mm wide at its widest point, this pendant has been carved into the form of a simple roimata or tear-shaped drop pendant. The profile of the pendant has been curved like the interior of a spoon, allowing it to both fit comfortably into the cleft of the chest and stand proud of the skin to draw that extra little bit of notice. Its vivid pattern is shown off to great effect by its high gloss finish, and its contrasting, almost mossy patterns makes it a great piece for fancy wear.

Botryoidal Jade Spooned Roimata Pendant

SKU: WSJ0388
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