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Carved from an interesting piece of kokopu jade found on the Hokitika River by our carver, this stone initially possessed a whitish rind and a generally uninteresting surface aspect. However, that all changed when the stone was opened up, revealing a beautiful grey-blue kokopu interior with patches of mild chatoyancy - the movement of light within a stone that gives an illusion of flowing water when the stone is turned from one angle to another. This effect gives it a resemblance to the river bottom as seen through glacial-blue waters.


Measuring in at 78mm long and 38mm wide, the form of the niho or tooth was chosen for this piece in order to best preserve its contrasting tones. Hints of the liughter rind-coloured material remain to the rear of the pendant, showcasing the stone from which it came and offering a different tone for the wearer - effectively making it two necklaces in one. Its hues are subtle and understated, but so easy to get lost in!

Chatoyant Blue Kokopu Niho Pendant

SKU: WSJ0384
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