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A stunning piece of dark blue-green bowenite (tangiwai in Maori), this gorgeous and large trigonal drop shows off some of the remarkable patterns that can occur in chatoyant specimens of this stone. What appear to be mere ripples in the stationary photo are revealed in the moving piece to be rippling, shifting silvery bands that make the piece look almost like the ocean waves moving into the shore as it's turned back and forth in the hand. Two slender veins of white bowenite provide contrast to the front face, while the rear has huge panels of both light and dark bowenite predominating.


Measuring in at 73mm long and 53mm wide along its bottom edge, this piece has a 10mm thickness at its thickest point, making it a comfortably weighty and superbly strong pendant easily able to withstand the rigors of an active wearer. Its striking chatoyancy makes it a fantastic piece for fancy wear as well.

Chatoyant White-Veined Bowenite Drop Pendant

SKU: WSJ0284
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