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A beautiful example of a pale blue inanga jade, this heart pendant was carved from a section of a large boulder found in Fiordland at the south end of New Zealand's West Coast. Featuring occasional fine black pepper-specks that perfectly accent its soft baby blues, it shows a high gloss and an excellent translucency despite its robust thickness. The form is slightly asymmetrical, and the piece is gently curved to fit comfortably into the cleft of the chest.


Measuring in at 47mm long and 45mm wide, this piece sits neatly into a size and range that's comfortable for most wearers. Its silky lustre and glowing tones encourage the wearer to touch and caress the piece, and make it almost seem to light up in daylight to the point where it draws the viewer's eye. A wonderful gift for the love in your life... or for Mother's Day.

Fiordland Blue Inanga Jade Heart Pendant

SKU: WSJ0401
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