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A richly-textured stone of remarkably pale hues, this extraordinary piece of stone was found by our carver on the Hokitika River after a strom that revealed many more glorious pieces besides. Containing significant sections of white jade as well as very pale grey-greens and a core of black iron inclusions, it's a vivid and complex piece with astounding translucency for its thickness and an excellently glossy and yet textured surface finish. Carved into a pebble-like form with added three-dimensionality, this is one of those stones whose natural patterning was just too complex and magnificent to impose a more structured form upon.


Measuring in at 81mm long and 51mm wide at its widest point, this is a highly tactile piece that just longs to be stroked. Suited to the lover of the large, it's also a truly fascinating piece for someone who appreciates natural splendour over human-imposed artistic forms.

Hokitika River Pale Jade Pebble-Form Pendant

SKU: WSJ0403
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