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Very rarely does a necklace this large and striking come along. Shaped from a single piece of depp-green, beautifully schilliered nephrite jade found in the Hokitika River by our carver, this is a piece suited to wear by a chieftain - big, bold and beautiful, with great colour and wonderful translucency for a piece of its size and dark hue. This necklace conforms to a style known as the pectoral - a necklace style designed to stretch right across the wearer's chest and stand out as a bold statement of excellence and beauty.


Carved to a simple style to show off the remarkable beauty of the source stone, this enormous piece measures in at 165mm wide and 71mm deep, with sufficient thickness to give it a robust strength and noticeable weight. This is a piece suited to someone of prominence who wants that prominence to be seen, known and acknowledged by all. 

Hokitika River Schillered Kawakawa Jade Pectoral Necklace

SKU: WSJ0417
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