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Carved from a small river cobble found in the Arahura River, this little pendant is a simple freeform drop carved to show off the pale flower and inanga tones and complex structure of the original pebble. Lightweight and simple, it possesses sufficient translucency to let the light into the stone, but not enough for the stone to be seen through in its entirety. The stone itself poseesses significant visible fractures; however, these are of a sort that doesn't compromise the strength of the piece, but rather only adds an element of interest to its primary face.


Measuring in at 52mm long and 36mm wide at its widest point, this is a reasonably small piece suited to the wearer who's concerned about the weight around their neck. It makes for a great everyday piece, and creates a pleasant contrast when worn against darker formal wear.

Inanga Flower Jade Freeform Drop Pendant

SKU: WSJ0405
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