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Shark teeth, or niho mako, are a common Maori ornament, and often replicated in stone for jewellery use. This niho mako pendant has been carved from an exquisite piece of kohuwai jade: an extremely light and bright green tone featuring delicate pepper-specks of iron minerals scattered through the base. This piece also has a portion of off-white jade, which adds an excellent contrast without being dominant against the brighter green. The piece is suspended by a himotoshi or hidden hole, which allows the pendant to be worn either way around and keeps the cord from marring the viewing surfaces of the piece.


This piece measures in at 61mm long and 45mm wide across its top edge, yet is slender enough to be both incredibly lightweight for its size and stunningly translucent, almost glowing in the light. A superb dress pendant that's simple and robust enough for everyday wear.

Kohuwai Jade Niho Mako Pendant

SKU: WSJ0285
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