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Sourced from the famously re-discovered Olmec jadeite source in Guatemala, this gorgeously-translucent piece shows the beautiful blue-silver tones of Luna and Princessa jadeites, as well as the orange highlights that the rind of the stones can produce in pendants from which it's not totally excluded. This large freeform pendant was carved to capture the strongest portions of colour and pattern in the stone, and turn them into a showstopper piece for elegant wear.


Measuring in at 74mm long and 55mm wide, this piece has been carved to offer significant three-dimensionality to the piece and to let the light show off its excellent translucency and internal patterning. This thinner carving has also taken a lot of weight out of what would otherwise be a heavy piece, making it both extremely attractive and very comfortable to wear. Definitely a statement piece in its own right, and therefore excellent to wear with any kind of formal or elegant wear.

Large Guatemalan Blue Jadeite Freeform Drop Pendant

SKU: WSJ0420
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