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Consisting of the paler tones of nephrite jade, inanga ranges in hue from soft greys, blues and pale lemons through to stronger grey-greens. This piece has a core tone of darker grey-green, with pale frosty-green tones forming an almost lunar crescent to one side of the piece. Which is oddly fitting, as the form is a simple clipped disc, which in Maori culture is often used to represent the Moon.


Measuring in at 56mm diameter, the paler rind portion of this piece shows some elegant kokopu spotting that complements the the stone's other tones. Its high gloss sees all of its colours stand out proudly, and allows the stone's mild translucency to become noticeable towards the heart of the stone. A lovely piece for everyday wear; and with its significant lunar associations, even better for evening wear.

Large Inanga Jade Clipped Disc Pendant

SKU: WSJ0381
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