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An intriguing piece of stone, this large pebble of grey-green nephrite jade has the characteristic spotting of the kokopu variety, but a blend of patterns and tones that most remind our carver of the fur pattern of a seal. It's an exceedingly unusual blend to find in a New Zealand jade, and makes for an attractive piece of jewellery that's sure to become a conversation starter.


Measuring in at 88mm long and 43mm wide at its widest point, this pendant utilises the form of the original pebble, but adds in a three-dimensionality that the original pebble lacked. This winding form allows its high-gloss finish to catch the light and draw the eye to great effect; and the unusual colour and pattern ensure that people seeing it will want a closer look. Suited to the lover of the large, it's an excellent piece for everyday wear, or as an understated compliment to more formal attire.

Large Kokopu Rippled Pebble-Form Pendant

SKU: WSJ0391
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