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A close cousin to nephrite jade, Serpentine is a far more common stone that is often disregarded. However, as this piece shows, it can from time to time demonstrate some really attractive forms and patterns. This example sports a slight translucency and a swirled, cloud-like pattern in a range of soft and pleasing tones of whites, greys and greens. It was found on the Hokitika River on New Zealand's West Coast.


Measuring in at 72mm long and 52mm wide, this pendant's shape follows the form of the pebble from which it was carved, with minimal stylisation towards the top of the pendant. It sports a high gloss that shows off the stone's colours and textures to great effect, making it a wonderful piece for everyday wear.

Large Pale Mottled Serpentine Pebble-Form Pendant

SKU: WSJ0373
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