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The piwakawaka or New Zealand fantail is an iconic bird native to the islands of New Zealand, and an iconic image for all New Zealanders. It once even used to grace the New Zealand $1 note! This pendant takes the most prominent feature of this iconic species, its fan-like tail, and renders a stylized version of that form in fine flower jade from the Marsden area.


Measuring in at 60mm long and 42mm wide, this pendant demonstrates a high gloss finish with matte seams and a coarse interior. The jade employed is a flower jade with beautiful gold and russet highlights to a base of dark green, with moderate translucency. An elegant form that also holds some reminiscences of Regency-era architectural features, this is a great piece for formal wear for both New Zealanders and travellers through our country alike.

Marsden Flower Jade Piwakawaka Pendant

SKU: WSJ0352
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