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With a pattern like sea foam, this beautiful pendant is carved from a slice of blue inanga jade found in the Nelson jade field that had partially metamorphosed into diopside, and from a portion of the slice that contained none of the diopside. Carved as a simple trigonal drop pendant, it shows a very high gloss finish and exquisite translucency, with icy blue tones like swirling glacial water.


Measuring in at 67mm long and 47mm wide at its widest point, this piece is delicately curved and slender enough to be extremely light in weight for its size. Its strikingly bright hue and daylight glow will ensure that this piece stands out dtrikingly against any dark background outfit, meaning that it's sur eto be both noticed and admired even at a distance.

Nelson Blue Inanga Jade Trigonal Drop Pendant

SKU: WSJ0402
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