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Carved from a large cobble of New Zealand flower jade, this sculpture presents a daunting message in a bold aspect: the word NOTHING carved in bas relief that rises up 4mm from the surface of the parent stone. But its message, far from being daunting, is a reminder to the viewer of the most hopeful and certain sentiment of them all. For every time you look upon it, you are reminded that NOTHING is carved in stone: all things can be changed, no matter how bleak and certain they may seem. There is always hope, and always change.


Measuring in at 243mm long, 166mm wide at its widest point and 37mm thick at its deepest point, this sculpture weighs in at close to 3kg. and has a flat base that allows it to sit evenly upon any surface without need for a stand. It's an eternal reminder whose one wise word is something we should all consider more often, and take to heart.

Note To Self Jade Cobble Sculpture

SKU: WSJ0165
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