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Named for the small collection of species collectively known as native trout, kokopu jade is characterised by a paler body tone accompanied by specled spotting like that of these fish. This example shows pale, lemony tones in swirled patterns, interspersed with dappled black spotting that accentuates these forms. Its shape is an accentuation of the original pebble from which it was carved, with form and movement added to remove any plainness that the original pebble possessed.


Measuring in at 62mm long and 51mm wide at its widest point, this piece has a high gloss and a thick lower section that causes it to hang comfortably despite its strong curvature. It's a definite conversation-starter of a piece due to its remarkable patterning, and best suits wear with darker tones that can show off its lighter hues to best effect.

Pale Kokopu Pebble-Form Pendant

SKU: WSJ0377
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