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Carved from the end-piece of a beautiful boulder of what is most likely a chlorite schist, this decorative piece showcases the form of a pear-like fruit, complemented beneath by a small tuft of leaves from the host tree. Its white body colour with ticked green flecking is reminiscent of the peel of a coarse-skinned fruit, which is exactly what it portrays: an avocado. And you can know that it's an avocado... because it's a Stone Fruit!


Measuring in at 280mm long, 139mm wide at its widest point and 56mm thick at the thickest portion of its body, its flat backing allows it to be lain on its back with perfect stability. And though it doesn't come with a stand, it can easily accommodate one if you'd prefer to display it upright. Both inherently decorative and a neat little 'dad joke' with which to catch out your guests, it's a little ray of sculptural sunshine suitable for brightening up any home.

Stone Fruit Sculpture

SKU: WSJ0167
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