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A goodly-sized platter perfect for displaying or for holding prized treasures, this large and beautifully ornamental bowl is carved from a piece of bowenite or tangiwai found in Nelson's Cobb River area. The stone is of such high quality that it rings when struck, and the finish is glassy. A torch will reveal the stone's translucency, which is somewhat lost without such a light due simply to this piece's thickness and consequent sturdiness. It's richly veined and patterned with spots and streaks, and its carving gives it a form reminiscent of the silhouette of a bat with open wings.


Measuring in at 392mm long, 176mm wide at its widest point and 29mm deep, this bowl's underside is augmented by a 'potter's rim', such as one typically see on a commercially-made ceramic plate. This feature creates additional traction for the bowl, minimising its chances of skidding on a flat surface. Additionally, it ensures that if placed on a surface where particulates would ordinarily see a bowl's bottom becoming scratched, it's only the 'potter's rim' that will be scratched, leaving the rest beautifully polished at all times.


A truly spectacular household ornament or trophy piece, the Bat Bowl's beauty speaks for itself.

Tangiwai Pounamu Bat Bowl

SKU: WSJ0166
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