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As we're just starting up right now, we're yet to fully develop our Store page and give you the easy option of a cart and simple payment method. This will be coming in the near future; but we're not quite there yet. For now, you can purchase our pieces by pressing the Buy Now button on each piece, which will link you to an email that you can send to us to arrange purchase and delivery of the piece. Thanks for your understanding, and we look forward to being able to offer you that simpler option very soon.

WSJ0001 Polar Jade Tooth pendant $60.JPG

Polar Jade Tooth

SKU: WSJ0001

Animal fangs and claws are often seen as good-luck tokens around the world; and it's hard to argue that the person who ends up owning this one will feel quite lucky indeed. Carved in the form of an unidentified predator's fang suspended by hidden holes through its top, this is an exquisite piece of bright clear green nephrite jade from the Polar Mine in British Columbia, Canada that measures 49 mm long and 13 mm wide. Definitely a jewel worthy of being treasured for generations to come.

WSJ0002 Siberian jade brown green leaf pendant $80.JPG

Siberian Leaf Pendant

SKU: WSJ0002

Measuring in at 51 mm long and 15 mm wide, this leaf-form pendant is carved from a brown-green Siberian nephrite jade with a high translucency and is suspended via hidden holes located on its back. Its curved form sits perfectly in the cleft of the chest, and the use of hidden holes ensures that the piece's tip sits proud of the chest at all times. A beautiful piece that showcases the diversity of colours that can be found in nephrite jade.

WSJ0003 South Westland botryoidal kahura

Botryoidal Scapular Pendant

SKU: WSJ0003

A rare piece of bright kahurangi-green botryoidal jade from South Westland, this 60 mm long and 25 mm wide pendant has been carved in a form reminiscent of an animal shoulder blade: a form known as a scapular. It features hidden holes for suspension, and shows bright clear green colours to its body and veined patterning on its lower leading edge. Few pieces of botryodal jade are ever this clear and vibrant; this really is a piece to treasure.

WSJ0001 Polar Jade Tooth pendant $60.JPG

Product Name

SKU: WSJ0000


WSJ0005 Toggled white Marsden flower trigon $70.JPG

Marsden Flower Trigon

SKU: WSJ0005

A simple freeform in a rounded-corner triangular form, this pendant is carved in a beautiful white-flowered Marsden jade with rich emeral-green patches of high translucency trailing down one edge on one side and located as a single central patch on the other. Measuring in at 68 mm long and 32 mm wide, it's secured by a toggle and loop suspension, and has a subtle curvature that makes it comfortable to wear with either side on display.

WSJ0001 Polar Jade Tooth pendant $60.JPG

Product Name

SKU: WSJ0000


WSJ0006 Toggled white Marsden flower fre

Marsden Flower Freeform

SKU: WSJ0006

Measuring in at 59 mm long and 28 mm wide, this freeform pendant is carved from a magnificent white-flowered marsden jade on a background of vivid emerald-green stone of high translucency. Secured with a toggle and loop suspension, its curvature is designed to present its most vivid face forward, so that the spectacular patches of green amid the white flower leave the viewer in no doubt that this is a very fine pendant indeed.

WSJ0008 Schistose jade small freeform pendant rear view $60_edited.jpg

Small Freeform Pendant

SKU: WSJ0008

Carved from a beautiful piece of schistose jade found in the Arahura watershed, this 61 mm long and 26 mm wide freeform pendant has a layered appearance whose surface folds capture the light and gleam like waves beneath the moon.

WSJ0009 Marsden kawakawa small matau pendant rear view $60_edited.jpg

Small Matau Pendant

SKU: WSJ0009

Carved from a small piece of kawakawa jade from the Marsden jade field, this little hook is perfect for both a small wearer and for a larger wearer who loves the small. Measuring 56mm tall and 24 mm wide, its a delicate piece with a high translucency.

WSJ0010 Schistose jade ovoid pendant $60_edited.jpg

Schistose Ovoid Pendant

SKU: WSJ0010

Measuring 77 mm long and 30 mm wide, this loose oval freeform pendant is carved from schistose jade: a material that is tricky to carve but produces beautiful schillered patterns across its surface when cut. This material was found in the Arahura watershed. Its striking patterns suit a plain background against which they can quite literally shine in the light. It's secured by means of a toggle and loop rather than a slip-knot arrangement.

WSJ0011 Schillered wavy freeform pendant rear view $85.JPG

Schillered Freeform

SKU: WSJ0011

Carved from a beautiful piece of schistose jade found in the Arahura watershed, this piece measures 80 mm long and 36 mm wide and possesses a high translucency at its edges. Its schillered patterns create a flowing silver light reminiscent of moonlight on waves as the piece rolls with its wearer's body.

WSJ0033 Whitish Marsden flower jade tongue-form pendant rear view $90_edited.jpg

Marsden Tongue Pendant

SKU: WSJ0033

Carved from a pale Marsden flower jade, this opaque pendant measures in at 80 mm long by 20 mm wide and has an almost tongue-like quality to its form. A good piece for everyday wear, its pale tones can fade into the background against other pale colours, or can stand out strikingly against bolder background hues.

WSJ0034 Small Marsden flower jade tobngue-form pendant $95.JPG

Small Marsden Tongue Pendant

SKU: WSJ0034

With its rich green, caramel-brown and pale golden hues, this 68 mm long and 16 mm wide tongue-like pendant carved from Marsden flower jade is quite the little stunner. An excellent representative of how beautiful the flower jade of Marsden can be, its size and sinuous form make it a piece that can be worn proudly in any social setting.

WSJ0035 Inanga kokopu blade-form pendant rear view $90.JPG

Blade-Form Pendant

SKU: WSJ0035

A pale yet vividly patterned blade-form pendant carved from an Arahura kokopu jade, this piece measures 82 mm long and 27 mm wide. Its swirled olive patterns down its longest edge culminate in a schillered whitish patch near the base that draws the eye, which is made all the more vivid by the pale body tone of the stone.

WSJ0038 Greyling Sculpture Rear Shot.JPG

Greyling Sculpture

SKU: WSJ0038

Carved from an Arahura River jade cobble and resting on a base of bright Marsden kahurangi jade, this sculpture is the simplified representation of an oft-underrated fish that plies New Zealand waterways: the native greyling.


Greylings are plain fish to look at when first seen; they only reveal the astounding colours of their fins when excited. In the same way, the use of the cobble's whitish rind hides the true richness of the underlying jade's colour when first seen... but turning the sculpture around reveals the true richness of the stone that lies buried beneath. A hint to the hidden richness of the sculpture's reverse is offered in the striking hue of its base. The eyes of the sculpture are sections of Queen Paua shell (Haliotis australis): a form of paua with a silvery mother-of pearl bearing a lighter, softer and more subtle rainbow iridescence than that of the more common paua variety.


The Greyling is a reminder that beauty of the soul is often hidden behind an understated veneer; and yet it's no less beautiful for that. In some ways, it's even more so.

WSJ0040 Kokopu Tongue-form $110.JPG

Kokopu Tongue-form

SKU: WSJ0040

Slender and curved into a rolling tongue-form, this 98 mm long and 18 mm wide pendant's form allows it to rest elegantly in the cleft of its wearer's chest while standing proud enough to make itself seen. Unlike the fixed vertical suspensions common to most pierced jade pieces, this piece has a sideways suspension through its top which allows the pendant to move freely on its cord.

WSJ0041 Kokopu Niho $190_edited.jpg

Kokopu Niho

SKU: WSJ0041

Strong and bold, this niho or tooth-form pendant is carved from a sliver of Arahura kokopu jade with a greyish-green creamy background hue and sparse spotting. The pendant is secured via a himotoshi or 'hidden hole' through the top of the piece, which has been left au naturel in order to contrast the difference between the raw and worked stone and add that element of primality to the design. Measuring in at 87 mm long and 43 mm wide, this is a piece sized for a larger wearer (or for someone who just likes their jade pieces to be large and bold).

WSJ0043 Kawakawa Drop $80.JPG

Kawakawa Drop

SKU: WSJ0043

Some pieces of nephrite jade possess not just rich colours, but also odd patterns and structures that create intriguing visual effects within the stone. The fibrous surface structure of this piece of kawakawa found in the Arahura River evoke an image of threads of water-grasses, or perhaps the thread-like feathers of the kiwi. Measuring in at 70 mm long and 35 mm wide, it's a piece large enough to be noticed while still small enough to be comfortably worn even by a small wearer.

WSJ0044 White Siberiam Freeform $500.JPG

White Siberian Freeform

SKU: WSJ0044

The rarest of all colours in nephrite jade is white; for which reason, translucent white jades like this piece come at a premium. Hailing from Siberia, this white jade bears delicate, chocolate-brown spotting throughout its body, which is reminiscent of that which we often see in New Zealand kokopu jades. Its rolling, sinuous form measures in at 95 mm long and 23 mm wide, and its translucency means its whiteness seems almost to glow in the light. A standout piece for a standout wearer.

WSJ0045 Large Kahurangi Freeform $160.JPG

Large Kahurangi Freeform

SKU: WSJ0045

A bright clear kahurangi jade of spectacular clarity, this exquisite pendant was carved from a piece of Arahura stone of excellent quality that has yielded treasures even more astounding than itself. At 75mm long and 56 mm wide, this slender fillet of stone is both exceptionally bold and exceptionally light for its size. When held to the light, this pendant reveals a translucency so strong that it approaches transparency at its edges, and a matchlessly even green background tone throughout.

WSJ0046 Medium Kahurangi Freeform $120.JPG

Medium Kahurangi Freeform

SKU: WSJ0046

Another bright and clear kahurangi jade, this stone has elements of grey-green underlying its base tone that in the remainder of the stone produced an exquisite inanga hue. In this piece, the grey-green somehow only underscores the brilliance of the green and the exquisite translucency of the stone. At 75 mm long and 36 mm wide, it's a reasonably sizeable pendant that nevertheless is slender enough to be lightweight and suited to even a small and delicate wearer.

Arahura Tiger-Striped Freeform $159.90.JPG

Arahura Tiger-Striped Freeform

SKU: WSJ0049

The sheer variability of nephrite jade means that every now and again you come across a stone that is truly extraordinary; and this is one such stone. Found in the Arahura River and shaped to capture its strong colour contrasts, this stone has a pale golden body tone with patches of grey-green and chatoyant tiger-striping of a similar hue. Its back is subtly curved to rest comfortably in the hollow of the chest.


At 111 mm long and 38 mm wide, this pendant is a piece that’s guaranteed to be noticed from right across the room, and one whose vivid patterning and unusual colours are sure to attract both compliments and surprise.

Chatoyant Niho Pendant $229_edited.jpg

Chatoyant Niho Pendant

SKU: WSJ0050

Chatoyancy is a quality one doesn’t often see in jade pieces due to the trickiness of cutting these stones; but it’s shown to good effect in this niho or tooth-form pendant. The jade has a silky bluish tone with olive-hued edges, and it shimmers and ripples gently in the light when moved back and forth. It hangs from a himotoshi or hidden hole on its back, allowing the entire chatoyant face of the pendant to be fully visible when worn.


Measuring 73 mm long and 49 mm wide, this piece suits a person who likes a pendant with some size and weight to it. It’s been brought to a glass-like high polish, which shows off its chatoyancy to best effect and leaves it feeling silky and glossy to the touch.

Jade Stingray Figurine $249_edited.jpg

Jade Stingray Figurine

SKU: WSJ0051

Carved from a dark olive-toned piece of British Columbian nephrite, this figurine exemplifies the Naive form by illustrating the essence of a stingray’s form and motion with only a minimal assent to biological realism. The form has a chatoyant (ie shimmering and moving) band running diagonally across its midriff, and the patches that appear dark on its tail are also revealed to be chatoyant when the piece is picked up and examined.


While intended as a figurine rather than a piece of jewellery, the curled form of this model’s tail does allow for the piece to be suspended from a cord as a pendant if this is desired. The figurine measures 84 mm long and 70 mm wide, has a depth of 17 mm and has been brought to a high polish that leaves it feeling silky in the hand.

Pale Jade Heart Pendant $84.90.JPG

Pale Jade Heart Pendant

SKU: WSJ0052

Carved from an exceptionally pale, nearly white piece of jade with a golden rind, this heart pendant is made to a simple, classical heart form and sized for the wearer who likes a piece with size and weight. The dark patches on its edge show a golden-reddish translucency. More opaque than most jades, the combination of golden and pale tones that it sports form an attractive yet inexpensive piece.


Measuring 62 mm deep and 60 mm wide, this is a piece that will be noticed from a distance, and will make a fine contrast against almost any outfit.

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